The Beginning

Well it looks like this will be our first entry of blogging for the band. So where do we start? Maybe it is best to share with you on the formation of this band and how do we see ourselves at the moment. In the beginning (ahhh see.. thats the title lah), there was one of us who were looking for a band or some people to create one and there was the other who were just advertising himself to join a band. Somehow, fate brought us together and now we live happily ever after.. Eh! Tak lah :p

Hariz took the initiative to engage with Shidi through BIGO LIVE during one of Shidi’s usual LIVE activity (no lah, just a whatsapp actually), in which he shares the intention to form a musical project. Well, one thing led to another; they both found themselves in Shidi’s room and play together a couple of songs (can’t really remember what) and they continue to do so a couple of time before they went on to jam; out in the open (at Setia Alam) to test out the water lah basically. Eventually, through some discussion and quick jamming, the two of them concluded that it is time to expand and complete the band lineup.

Somehow, our drummer had an experience of a casual one-night stand with Hariz (eh, a jam session :D) and this led to his induction to the band’s lineup. The band became complete when they all head down to greatest home studio ever established in Taman Cempaka for a jam session. It was here where Shidi officially meet up with Ali and Mael for the first time and the band played together horribly for the first time too. Tadaaaa!! that is basically the beginning of our band, probably in the most instant way possible and we kinda stick to this lineup and proceed to jam it out a few more times before a big push to perform LIVE at Merdekarya.

Maybe we’ll share a bit more on that later. For now, thank you for those who supported us and still doing so; we really appreciate it. Hey if you feel like knowing something or whatever, feel free to contact us here; we are the one who will be communicating with you back; not some Ms Jane Leah or Kak Zuraini the PR lady. Hahaha, see ya around peeps!!

2 thoughts on “The Beginning

    1. Hey Luna, wow thats awesome!! Although we felt like we’ve let down all the fans of coldplay on planet earth with our cover.. hehe.. see ya around 😚


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