Learn from The Best: Mr Big LIVE


Hey folks, on this entry we just wanna share whats about to happen and probably the aftermath of it too. Well, we’re going to the Mr Big concert LIVE in Kuala Lumpur in their 2017 tour. What konsert band luar je ke nak bagitau? Of course, we had a great deal of time enjoying some of our local bands playing live but these legendary musician such as Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan is something else and we’re sure most of us musician might have heard of their name before lah.

What we’re aiming to learn from this concert is mostly how they merge their sound together and the showmanship of these living legends. We can surely learn a lot from them and maybe translate some of it into our upcoming shows. Talking about that, we are heading to Bangi this coming November on the 5th for a night of Acoustic performance and we will be playing mostly our originals. So we’re sure like to see you there too.

Hopefully, tonight will give us a fresh new perspective on how we can perform ourselves as a band, as a group of musician and performers for all of you awesome listeners. Whitepiper is here to stay and we are here to serve and inspire our listeners through our music. We hope that this will continue to grow and we’d like to see more of you listeners too. Thanks for reading this entry and feel free to communicate with us and we’re sure to say hi back. Cheers 😀

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