RedKarya Akustika: En Mimpi | Whitepiper | Permisi

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-20 at 12.06.00

Following a restful month of October to make way for a very special week to one of our band member, it is time for us to be back on the performing stage and this time we’ll do it acoustic style. Our awesome host; the Red Card Cafe in Bangi offered us this opportunity back during their showcase in Bentley Damansara. So yeah, datang lah on this 5th of November and chill with us and the rest of the performers.

Obviously, kami budak baru in the local scene here in Malaysia and we hardly have any sort of ready to listen tune on our youtube channel or website here, but yeah we are working hard to get it out there so some of you can be our critics to keep on improving on our materials. For all music fans around Bangi and Kajang, we hope that you’ll stay tune with RedKarya and us to get more updates on the show. It’ll start at 8pm till 10pm and we’re sure that you’ll be entertained with a quality materials from every performer especially En. Mimpi and Permisi.


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