Whitepiper Live @ Red Karya: Bangi


Good vibes, awesome food and wonderful people; that’s what we can easily say about our host Red Card Café for the Red karya acoustic session. We were nervous to the max! Of course lah, it was only our second live performance ever. This time around, we’re going unplugged (not literally) and performed some of our new songs. But to think of it, every song we play will be a new song lah kan, cos we never really published it anywhere (badum tss); okay hambar. Well anyway, we are working towards releasing our demos on Spotify and Youtube for your listening pleasure; as well as some live performances videos and so on.

Thanks to those who came and supported our music

Our second performance was not accompanied by our vocalist Hariz as he weren’t able to attend due to some work that needs to be done. Well anyway, we went through and pushed on to gain some important performing experience in our musical journey. We opened up with a mashed-up cover song of our local heroes; the Estrella and Hujan band. We then performed our songs and in total of 20 minutes, we delivered 5 songs for the crowds and we truly hoped that it was well received for their ears (kalau tak, nasib lah.. ahaha :sadface:).

Solo time for Mael

It was a very cool night with great audiences and performers on the list; of course, the height of the show comes from En. Mimpi as he performs some of his mainstream hits. Red Karya memang awesome to the performers as they gave a great stage for local acts to perform and at the same time delivers a great package of sound works to really get your tone out in the live performance. If it sounded lame, most probably it’s because of yourself. Well anyway, kami di Whitepiper inched a little closer to our target of more and more Live performances and sharing our music to you awesome people; muah-muah. We hope to get to see you guys and girls out there very soon. But for now, we’re back in the studio trying to finish up our demos and release it on our portals.

From the left, Mael our Bassist, Ali our Drummer, Fariedz our Band Photographer and Shidi our Guitarist

If we can ask for something from all of you abang kakak yang hensem dan jelita, we hope that you can share about us Whitepiper amongst your friends and on the social media; we won’t forget your support to our tiny little band here. Check us out on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE ya. Terima Kasih Daun Keladi and have a great day ahead.


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