Coretan Whitepiper: Recording our Demo

Hello people, hey look! December is here (Eleh macam la korang tak tau), hence our program for the month needs to be running now. What’s our plan for December? Well we would like to record and release a few of our demo on the available platforms such as Youtube, here on our website and maybe even Spotify! (Fuiiiyoooooo!! Takpe berangan itu percuma). Hence, we are working hard right now to polish up our playing and also our vocals delivery for our songs.

We have lots of materials written as of now and we are more than happy to share it with you folks out there whom has been super awesome in supporting us. Our materials will be coming in both English and Malay language (tak la dalam satu lagu tu dua-dua bahasa ada, eh but why not? macam J-Rock selalu buat tu). We really hope that our materials will be made available as planned as we’re looking to be back on the performing stage as soon as possible.

Apart from that, we are also looking to experiment with other artist that we’ve met along the way to be incorporated into our music. Exciting days are ahead of us and we’ve done some of our recording both at the home studio and the studio studio (ahahaha). We’re still a long way from being a perfect band (ada ke perfect band? takde rasanya) so what you’ll hear in the months to come is actually how our band grow through time. Tons of work is being done by Ali (our drummer) to perfect his hitting techniques and Mael (our bassist) is already figuring out his instrument to make a wonderful anchor to our songs and Shidi (our guitarist) is constantly working to refine his playing. Be sure to stay tune with us and it’ll be great if you can SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel where we’ll release our first DEMO for your listening pleasure.

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