Tour of Broken Adinda? Gig and Shows

Segi Band

It’s a norm nowadays for a musical group or individual to come out and perform in order promote their music following a “Single” release. It’s looking to be a much affordable and economic way to promote and at the same time not holding back a piece too long in order to wait for the opportunity of an Album release. Even that, it doesn’t guarentee success to the artist. Well that is what we have to deal with right now and we’re fine with it.

Beginning March 2018 which is just around the corner, Segi will be coming out to play on a few show or gigs around the vicinity of Klang Valley with hope to play our music in front of some real audience. At the same time, we’re looking to promote our upcoming releases which scheduled to be out throughout the year 2018 via Mechanism Records. More than 10 songs are slated to be released within the next 12 months and it will all be in the form of singles; staying away from the album concept.


Segi is in talks with a few organizers at the moment to finalize our appearance on a show in Kajang and we’re firm that we’ll be performing in Merdekarya somewhere in April 2018. The band won’t be going out as frequent as we’d like to gradually increase our performance and showmanship from one show to the other. Most likely, all of our shows will be ticked or charged at a minimum of RM10 per show and we’ll be playing between 4 to 5 original songs on the stage. Segi is hoping to see people turning up to hear our live sound and enjoy the beauty of music in both Malay and English language.

Check out our Tour Dates from time to time to see if anything interesting coming up in your region.

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