Segi to work with Bunyi Bicara


Segi as a newcomer in the local independent music industry has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to making itself known to the masses. The band comprises of Shidi, Ali and Ismail based in Kuala Lumpur has been hard at work trying to improve their craft in writing and performing their music for the people to enjoy. The band admitted that there are times that everything seems to be going nowhere even after performing in multiple venues and gaining a surprisingly positive feedback from most of it’s young materials.

“Sometimes we felt that the band is stuck in a place that we couldn’t really understand and we didn’t know what to do and how to get out of it” says Ali in a recent talk with Akar during their private studio conversation during which Ali was tracking his drum performance for the band’s upcoming single slated to be released later this month. “But then we got to meet some of these wonderful people in Bunyi Bicara that gave us some help in terms of managing our resources and also keeping everything at bay for our materials and how we should go about and publish it within our means” added Ali.

Early in 2019, Segi officially signs with an independent organization that works on music and artist management based in Kuala Lumpur known as Bunyi Bicara to gain help in managing their materials and intellectual assets along with their daily operation as a band. This includes Segi’s studio hours for rehearsals and recording session, the process to get the music published along with their live performances and bookings. The collaboration between Segi and Bunyi Bicara will ease the burden of the band to manage their portfolio and give ample space for the band to create more music and focus on their performance ability as they felt the need to polish them to give value for those who comes to their live performances.

The work with Bunyi Bicara has already begun and the band has chosen to announce their collaboration now as they are ready to unveil their new plan. This is in anticipation of the upcoming release of their new single which will be announced soon across all available media platform and their official social media along with some other media platforms.

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