Will it Matter EP now Available for Streaming


Late 2018 saw the band released their first ever physical records titled “Will it Matter” to share some of their early days music to the public. It was done as part of a fundraising program for the band in order to promote their music and make their music available to some of their early supporters and fans. The record was later sold out earlier this year following their successive numbers of performance throughout Malaysia.

As the band recently released their latest single titled “Cahaya”, the EP were made available today (28th of June 2019) across most streaming platforms as way to celebrate with all of the band’s listeners for their relentless effort to support their musical journey. Will it Matter consisting of 6 tracks on streaming platform such as Spotify and Deezer shall now complete the entire journey of how Segi comes to be right to this moment. The original record distributed in physical state holds 9 tracks in total with both Broken and Adinda joining the track list.


Exciting days coming up ahead for all the followers of Segi and the band, as there are plenty of activities and releases shall be made available soon. The band will not be playing in any show at the moment as they prepare for a few more releases to complete their 2019 musical journey to further promote their musical direction and getting more people to understand the kind of band they want to be. Segi will be collaborating with a few more artists for their upcoming projects with a potential short film project to be executed for their final single in 2019.

Followers can also expect to be engaged by the band for some real world experience to explore more on the musical and art scene here in Malaysia. The band encourage more people to engage with them via social media and everywhere else to get a more in-depth updates on whats going to come. Check out Segi “Will it Matter” on SPOTIFY and please subscribe to Segi’s official YOUTUBE CHANNEL for a regular updates on their visual contents.

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