We just can’t stop making new music, new single coming out


The band had gone through some of its downtime following from the release of their last single in 2019 titled Cahaya. The song itself went to make some mark in the process but what happened after; didn’t turn out to be the best thing to happen for a new upcoming band. But still, it didn’t mean that they need to stop at what they’re doing or keep on sulking about the issues and difficulties that come right on their doorstep. Segi didn’t have the best of year in 2019 but it serves as a great year of exploring and learning on every possible aspect of life as a band; especially in the setting of the Malaysian music industry that’s not as easy as it may seem.

Photo Update1

As a member of the independent music movement here in Malaysia, Segi is not trying very hard to be part of it nor are they trying to turn away from it either. The band just prefers to make their art the way they want it and at their own pace too. Since the beginning, the band had experimented in making their music and believe it or not; they utilized a single handy mic to record their entire records in 2018 and put them together to be a self-released EP titled Will it Matter. The physical copy of the records was then sold to all of their relentless supporters and be made available digitally last year. It was a unique experience for the band to produce and release such records to the public and with the lack of knowledge; it turns out okay for the band, but it wasn’t as great.

Segi New3

Following all of that, along with the reduced amount of band members after their drummer parted ways in 2019; they found themselves in a position of re-marketing themselves to their followers and new fans. Countless hours had been spent by the band in the search of the next step of their music-making career. Ismail and Rashidi had both given their focus towards making a new wave of materials for the year 2020, and it will soon come out in March this year for the public to enjoy. A new song titled “Over and Done” is in the process of making its way to the listeners on all digital and traditional platforms (if the stations are kind enough to spin it in their show) soon. If a question arises from you readers following from this statement asking on how it will sound like, the answer that both Ismail and Rashidi will share is; it sounds just like Segi.

Segi New4

They will continue to hope, but of course, they are realistic about what might happen following from the release of this new single. Whatever it may be, the band will continue to push on and keep on making new music for their early followers and hope to those that join onboard their journey after this article, or after the release of the new single. “Over and Done” won’t be the last music to come out from Segi, although the title sounds like they’re giving up with life. But like all good things that come to an end, a new dawn will soon appear and a new story shall be written for those who’re willing to get on it. Segi’s new single titled “Over and Done” will be coming out soon in March on all digital platforms along with an official music video. Stay tune with Segi on all of their social media platform as more content will be released in the build-up to the song’s release date.

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