“Don’t Go, If Only” an Unreleased Single by Segi

Segi during it’s 2018-2019 Era

Between the band’s previous release’s Perisai Jiwa and it’s next single, there are plenty of songs that are ready or available for Segi to work on for an official release. Working with a producer at the moment, the next single is yet to be finalized for it’s production or completion and therefore, the band has taken the initiative to release Don’t Go, If Only demo for it’s listeners and followers to fill the gap since the band’s last official release.

The track titled as “Don’t Go, If Only’ which was written by the band’s frontman carried the band’s vibe and storyline since the release of single such as Survival which continues to embrace the element of progressive-rock. The song was later cancelled from it’s official production and release plan due to some change of direction and following the pandemic which abruptly changed everyone’s attention and mood. After some time and heavy listening to the track, the band has decided not to proceed with the track for it’s release and left the music as it is as part of the band’s progression and growth.

Segi is hoping to be back on track with it’s music and future live performance which has taken some time following the ease off on many restrictions since the pandemic. An album is in the work to be released digitally with limited merchandising option. Rashidi (vocal and guitar) and Ismail (bass) also has taken a different approach towards their work with the band by being more open and much flexible with their progress and collaboration in and outside of the studio. The arrangement has given both the ability to expand their musicality and improve on a much faster pace.

The band is still on track with it’s plan for new releases that will definitely introduce a much improved sound and arrangement as both Rashidi and Ismail grow with their musical taste and preference. Segi will be looking to release a new single in December 2022 with the track being in English and will be a work with a local respectable producer who has worked with the likes of “Hulera” and even recent work with “Bunkface”. Segi is looking forward for the work to be completed and be shared fully to local indie scene fans and follower. Please stay tune with the band via it’s social media pages to get more updates and news on shows and other activities.

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