Adinda: Lagu Pertama Segi di Spotify

Fuh! Bukan senang perjalanan nak siapkan satu lagu dalam keadaan yang serba tak mencukupi. Apa yang tak mencukupi? Bukan sekadar sumber wang, malah peralatan dan juga ilmu yang masih kurang di dada dari setiap ahli band kami. Well, it's safe to say; we're a newbie in this music making stuff and we are working hard … Continue reading Adinda: Lagu Pertama Segi di Spotify

Learn from The Best: Mr Big LIVE

Hey folks, on this entry we just wanna share whats about to happen and probably the aftermath of it too. Well, we're going to the Mr Big concert LIVE in Kuala Lumpur in their 2017 tour. What konsert band luar je ke nak bagitau? Of course, we had a great deal of time enjoying some … Continue reading Learn from The Best: Mr Big LIVE

The Beginning

Well it looks like this will be our first entry of blogging for the band. So where do we start? Maybe it is best to share with you on the formation of this band and how do we see ourselves at the moment. In the beginning (ahhh see.. thats the title lah), there was one … Continue reading The Beginning