Cahaya, A New Single and 2020 for Segi

A mixture of modern pop and those of traditional rock music, infused together to create the sound close to how the band imagined it to be. The song received positive feedback from some of its listeners, although it may not be a big break that can give the band a much larger audience to further promote the band to a new height.

Survival Set to Roar as Segi’s New Single

Months after the release of Segi's debut record titled "Will it Matter" as part of their fundraising program, the band is set to release their new single titled "Survival" as a continuance of their musical journey in 2019. The song “Survival” will continue to set the tone for the band in their writing and arrangement. … Continue reading Survival Set to Roar as Segi’s New Single

The Crowd Impresses Segi at LIVE FACT

It was a great night for Segi on the stage of Yayasan Sime Darby Art Festival satellite Battle of the Band show; with 4 bands performing alongside each other bringing different genres and vibes to their own performance. Segi as always, in it's own state of mind performing 2 of their heavier sounding tune along … Continue reading The Crowd Impresses Segi at LIVE FACT

Broken Sets the Tone of Segi

About one month before the release of Segi's new song titled Broken, the band had released the first track with a much lighter and an upbeat tempo. The latest release, Broken will set the core tone of the band and will help define the true vision of Segi in it's path of musicianship. Broken, speaks … Continue reading Broken Sets the Tone of Segi

Tour of Broken Adinda? Gig and Shows

It's a norm nowadays for a musical group or individual to come out and perform in order promote their music following a "Single" release. It's looking to be a much affordable and economic way to promote and at the same time not holding back a piece too long in order to wait for the opportunity … Continue reading Tour of Broken Adinda? Gig and Shows

“Adinda” Lagu Pertama Dilancarkan

Akhirnya, lagu pertama band kami telah pun dilancarkan secara serentak di seluruh platform music streaming yang ada; pada 21/2/2018. Setelah sekian lama kami mencuba untuk mengeluarkan demo ini kepada pendengar secara terbuka, maka kali ni tercapailah hajat kami tu. Apa pun, kami berharap dapat sedikit sebanyak menghiburkan kalian dan pada masa sama mewarnai sedikit industri … Continue reading “Adinda” Lagu Pertama Dilancarkan

Learn from The Best: Mr Big LIVE

Hey folks, on this entry we just wanna share whats about to happen and probably the aftermath of it too. Well, we're going to the Mr Big concert LIVE in Kuala Lumpur in their 2017 tour. What konsert band luar je ke nak bagitau? Of course, we had a great deal of time enjoying some … Continue reading Learn from The Best: Mr Big LIVE