Whitepiper Live @ Red Karya: Bangi

Good vibes, awesome food and wonderful people; that’s what we can easily say about our host Red Card Café for the Red karya acoustic session. We were nervous to the max! Of course lah, it was only our second live performance ever. This time around, we’re going unplugged (not literally) and performed some of our … Continue reading Whitepiper Live @ Red Karya: Bangi

Learn from The Best: Mr Big LIVE

Hey folks, on this entry we just wanna share whats about to happen and probably the aftermath of it too. Well, we're going to the Mr Big concert LIVE in Kuala Lumpur in their 2017 tour. What konsert band luar je ke nak bagitau? Of course, we had a great deal of time enjoying some … Continue reading Learn from The Best: Mr Big LIVE