We just can’t stop making new music, new single coming out

The band had gone through some of its downtime following from the release of their last single in 2019 titled Cahaya. The song itself went to make some mark in the process but what happened after; didn’t turn out to be the best thing to happen for a new upcoming band. But still, it didn’t mean that they need to stop at what they’re doing or keep on sulking about the issues and difficulties that come right on their doorstep.

Survival Set to Roar as Segi’s New Single

Months after the release of Segi's debut record titled "Will it Matter" as part of their fundraising program, the band is set to release their new single titled "Survival" as a continuance of their musical journey in 2019. The song “Survival” will continue to set the tone for the band in their writing and arrangement. … Continue reading Survival Set to Roar as Segi’s New Single