Cahaya, A New Single and 2020 for Segi

A mixture of modern pop and those of traditional rock music, infused together to create the sound close to how the band imagined it to be. The song received positive feedback from some of its listeners, although it may not be a big break that can give the band a much larger audience to further promote the band to a new height.

Will it Matter EP now Available for Streaming

Late 2018 saw the band released their first ever physical records titled "Will it Matter" to share some of their early days music to the public. It was done as part of a fundraising program for the band in order to promote their music and make their music available to some of their early supporters … Continue reading Will it Matter EP now Available for Streaming

Adinda: Lagu Pertama Segi di Spotify

Fuh! Bukan senang perjalanan nak siapkan satu lagu dalam keadaan yang serba tak mencukupi. Apa yang tak mencukupi? Bukan sekadar sumber wang, malah peralatan dan juga ilmu yang masih kurang di dada dari setiap ahli band kami. Well, it's safe to say; we're a newbie in this music making stuff and we are working hard … Continue reading Adinda: Lagu Pertama Segi di Spotify