What the heck is Segi?

By now, if you’re still clueless of what we are; then it is time for you to sit down and take this ride with us. Ready? Here we go.

We are a band, a group of people who just happen to play and write our own music and performs it for you awesome people out there.


Segi as of now is a 3-piece band; consisting of our guitarist (Shidi), bassist (Mael) and drummer (Ali). We were formed back in late July of 2017 (hehey look, we’re still pretty f-ing young) and from there on we made our baby steps into the world of music. The whole band will be performing on vocal depending on tracks that we creates.

We are basically a Malaysian English-Malay Rock Band in it’s very basic form, but we will be visiting all sorts of genre for the sake of our love for music. So be sure to stick with us on our social media as there might be content where we wouldn’t officially release to our upcoming Spotify Album.

So there you go, some stuff about us. If you have anything more to ask, just CONTACT US HERE