Rock Out with Dark Blind Official Visualizer

It was around 2017 when the band initially started as a group and wanted to explore the idea of writing songs that reflects on the world and it’s society. Not short of references in the subject matter, it was pretty much an easy route for Rashidi as a songwriter; to jot down what the feels and what he perceives from his then 27 years old experienced lad running all over trying to make his way in the society.

But the song “Dark Blind” was initially written with a much pop-centric vibe to it rather than what it is now. This was due to the fact that the band had a sudden restructure when their original lineup changed and left them with no vocalist at the helm of the group. It calls for a new breath of style to the piece that can be more fitting for a new vocal range at Segi’s disposal.

Far from perfect, Segi proceeded to get Dark Blind recorded and be fitted within their self-made Demo records; titled “Will it Matter” which was released in 2018 as a means to say hello in the local independent music scene. The song which had a transformation from a pop-rock music to a much heavier alternative-rock vibe was considered to be the most technical music to be performed on stage. Thus, making it the least played song on-stage throughout Segi’s live shows.

Segi’s new Dark Blind Official Visualizer is the band’s effort in reconnect with it’s listeners who has been supporting their music for the past 5 years or so since the band’s inception; it will be available on Segi’s official YouTube channel on the 5th of April 2023. The song is also available on Spotify and Segi is now in preparation to come up with new release set to be available somewhere around July 2023 with a debut studio album is already in the pipeline with no release date yet to be announced. Segi consist of Rashidi as their lead vocal and guitarist with Ismail as backup vocal and bassist.

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