The Crowd Impresses Segi at LIVE FACT


It was a great night for Segi on the stage of Yayasan Sime Darby Art Festival satellite Battle of the Band show; with 4 bands performing alongside each other bringing different genres and vibes to their own performance. Segi as always, in it’s own state of mind performing 2 of their heavier sounding tune along with a cover of Coldplay’s track off from their Parachute album.

The battle in its formality is a competition between 8 bands with some of them being a big name in the independent music industry whilst some are freshly made just for the sake of the competition. Segi took the stage with a different mindset to which it serves only as a performing platform for the band to earn their performing hours. According to Shidi, the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band; “It wasn’t us that impresses the audience this time as it was them that impressed us with their support to the local music scene and how they’ve given us such a great vibes and atmosphere”.


The band opens with Parasitic Insecure, a song that has not been released and will be made available as part of their merchandise package and CD, titled “Will it Matter”; slated to be released in August 2018. Followed by the band’s hit single BROKEN which was sang along with during most part of the show. That was what the band described as an amazing moment where both performers and the audience work together to create such an amazing atmosphere. Segi will definitely look into how they can further improve their upcoming shows and make it more electrifying for the crowds.

But all of this won’t be possible without the opportunity given by Yayasan Sime Darby Art Festival, LIVE FACT and all of the other associates and collaborators¬†of the event. Segi will soon be performing in different venues throughout Klang Valley in July and August with 2 confirmed performances coming your way. Join SEGI on FACEBOOK and do SUBSCRIBE to their YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more of their contents.

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