Cahaya, A New Single and 2020 for Segi


The year 2019 has been a great new journey for Segi as the band started to focus themselves on the full development of their musicality along with the visualization of their vision. It all begins from the support of the fans and followers of Segi with their first-ever physical product released late in 2018. The momentum brought the band to a new level in their young musical career. Most of the band’s effort came from all of its member’s hard work and persistent towards making things happen even when they have no clue on what and how to do it.

The reception of Segi’s latest discography such as Survival and Cahaya has been great; with some of its audience giving much needed positive and some critical comments and critics towards the music. This feedback gave the band a reason to work even harder on their upcoming projects. But not all of it were positives for the band, as some premature changes happened during the process of their development. Despite that, Segi as a band will not steer away from their original course as it does not matter on how it will be presented. The self-made EP titled “Will it Matter” released in 2018 somehow hinted on their current state of mind and it will be Segi’s responsibility to answer those subtle question that came before them.

Segi Outdoor1

Cahaya, the new single of the band seems to be in a clear direction on how the band will be exploring their future music endeavour. A mixture of modern pop and those of traditional rock music, infused together to create the sound close to how the band imagined it to be. The song received positive feedback from some of its listeners, although it may not be a big break that can give the band a much larger audience to further promote the band to a new height. Segi will be releasing an official video of the song which has been changed a couple of time due to the unprecedented issue that occurs during its marketing. A setback that has caused the band to lose unnecessary financial strength that could’ve been redirected to a different area of the group if it were negotiated earlier.

Despite that, the development on Cahaya official video is at its pre-production stage and currently being finalized with the band’s new setup. Segi will in the meantime engage with some of its followers in a simple contest to give out some of their existing merchandise to celebrate their support and love for the band’s musical journey. The band look forward to performing around Kuala Lumpur soon with dates and venue will be announced soon on their official site and social media platforms. The band currently working hard on their live performances and how they will present the entire show for its audience. This is along with their work on a new single which to be released by the end of the year to complete its 2019 plan before embarking on a new year journey.

Segi will be announcing their first studio records that will be compiled together with its 2019 singles to be packaged together as part of their plan in the year 2020. All the new music has yet to be recorded but it will soon begin following a series of the band’s live performances around Kuala Lumpur. The 2020 studio records will be produced and engineered by some of the industry’s experienced personnel that can help improve the quality of the band’s music and product. The band looks forward to getting all of their latest work out soon, and they’re hoping that more and more people would be able to give them the support they needed such as a share of their music across social media platforms. Segi’s music is available for streams on all major streaming platforms.

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